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What is CoinsForecast

This is the most sophisticated mechanism of non-traditional and convenient analysis, which was implemented as a mobile application in 2017 by a company from the United Arab Emirates, a group of highly qualified specialists using Artificial Intelligence (ANN)

as well as the theory of stochastic and algorithmic process, a complex mechanism analyzes the cryptocurrency market and generates a forecast with incredible accuracy

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CryptoCoinsForecast is distinguished by its special uniqueness which consists of precise forecasts unlike standard traditional method of analysis.

CryptoCoinsForecast forecasts are formed on the most sophisticated mathematical algorithms, as well as using the innovative artificial intelligence technology (ANN) processing more than 100 million inputs of data on the company’s servers collected over several years from the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, which turn allows it to generate forecasts for more than 500 cryptocurrencies

Accuracy and efficiency

Predictions of CryptoCoinsForecast have a high accuracy and coefficient since the have an advantage over traditional methods of analytics.
The statistics openly available in the application show that the accuracy of generated forecasts is above 70% and can reach 96% for other cryptocurrencies.

  • May 2020
  • April 2020
  • March 2020
  • February 2020
  • January 2020
  • December 2019
How it works

The forecast is formed once a day. Each forecast formed VALID for 10 days. After this period, if the forecast has not reached its point, the system puts it into history as negative and not reaching its point of formation. The openly available Built-in forecast history openly lets the user track positive/negative forecasts and those that are in waiting period.

Cryptocurrency Forecast Price 24h % 24h Volume (USD) Supply
image BTC
9285.03 USDT
9519.55 USDT +3.71% $35,214,284,698 18,388,350
image ETH
217.01 USDT
221.72 USDT +7.11% $13,410,566,866 111,122,585
image LTC
45.12 USDT
44.91 USDT +2.83% $2,860,320,842 64,834,648
image BCH
228.10 USDT
240.41 USDT +3.58% $3,443,584,069 18,419,925
image BCHABC
225.47 USDT
241.15 USDT +5.53% $0 0
image BNB
16.32 USDT
17.11 USDT +3.66% $310,276,800 179,883,949
image EOS
2.6310 USDT
2.6505 USDT +4.46% $2,056,974,124 1,019,724,586
image ETC
6.8111 USDT
7.2017 USDT +6.81% $1,378,149,090 116,313,299
image NXT
0.0116 USDT
0.0115 USDT +4.05% $1,093,681 998,999,942
image REP
12.41 USDT
12.74 USDT +2.16% $9,883,107 11,000,000
Why choose CoinsForecast

Even experienced traders require considerable amount of time to analyze the situation on the market.

Given the high market volatility, making decisions on a particular trading pair with the possibility of obtaining a good result could be missed.
Therefore, in order to avoid such situations, it is recommended to use the CryptoCoinsForecast application for more efficiency, high accuracy prediction of huge number of trading pairs, enabling the app become the best assistant of both a professional and a novice trader